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And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.
Rainer Maria Rilke



Sunday Lunch Club

Sunday January 21st

This will be a return to the Woodman Arms, Hammerpot whose great food and atmosphere have been very much appreciated by Blueberry Muffins in the past.  Pauline, the Duchess Esme, is organising this so please let her know if you’d like to come along. Full details will be circulated nearer the date




Purple ‘n Red Sale

Tuesday 30th January 2.00 pm

A chance to renew and replenish your Red Hats wardrobe. Bring and buy at the home of Queen Judy. Tea and cake provided. Price £2.



“Darkest Hour” Film about Churchill

Monday 22nd January 10.30 Worthing Theatres

A chance to see this film at a bargain ‘Silver Screen’ price of £4 including tea or coffee. Meet at 10.30 for an 11.00 am start. Followed by lunch for those who wish to stay on. Please contact Queen Judy if you are interested in coming


*Subs reminder*

Just a little reminder that the last day to renew your Blueberry Muffin subscription is February 3rd at the Denton Lounge



Donations in memory of Lady Miriam, Guardian of the Rings

We are very pleased to report that £101 was raised in memory of Miriam for Worthing Women’s Aid


Events in January and February

Saturday 6th January – Denton Lounge

Sunday 21st January – Sunday Lunch Club

Monday 22nd January – Film at Worthing Theatres

Tuesday 30th January – Red ‘n Purple Sale

Saturday 3rd February – Denton Lounge


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You are reminded that it is your own decision to take part in these events and you do so at your own risk. 


If you offer someone a lift, and especially if you take payment for it, you are advised to check your motor insurance policy beforehand.


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