Blueberry Muffins

Newsletter May 2018

The world's favourite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.Edwin Way Teale


Knit & Natter

Thursday 10th May at 2.00 pm

This month’s K&N will be held at the home of Tuula, the Countess of Karelia. Time to get together to chat, do any craftwork (or not if you don’t want!) and enjoy a nice cuppa and cake. Please let Tuula know if you’d like to be there, so she can cater for the right number. Price £2 to cover refreshments


Sunday Lunch Club

Sunday 20th May 1.00 pm

May’s Sunday lunch club will be held at the popular Chambers Bistro in Shoreham High Street. There is a varied menu, including traditional Sunday lunch fare, and it easily reached by rail or via our dear 700 bus service. Please contact Jessica  Princess of Pebbly Beach  as soon as possible if you would like to come so that she can make a booking.



Visit to Kipling Gardens, Rottingdean

Tuesday 29th May 2.30 pm

Come along and spend a while wandering around these beautiful gardens which are considered a fine example of 'horticultural excellence' and have been frequent holders of the prestigious Green Flag, which is awarded to the best parks and green spaces in England and Wales

Followed by tea and cakes at a local hostelry.

Please contact  Princess Jessica if you would like to come



Visit to Christ’s Hospital School

Thursday 14th June

The ladies of St Leonards Ladies and Crimson Coasters to join us for this trip.  There should be nineteen of us altogether which will make a good splash of red and purple.

There are a few spaces left if anyone has found they are

free to attend but  Gilly  needs to know by the end of April.

It will be a very interesting tour around the College and hopefully the band will play to us and we shall finish it up with a nice scrummy tea!!   Total cost £25 plus £1 tip.


Strawberry Guzzle

Saturday 23rd June 2.30 pm

The return of our ever popular summer event: Time to enjoy fizz and strawberries  as well as tea and cakes. This year it is being hosted by Queen Judy and will include a special ‘Reduation’ for all our new members, so please make a special effort to come if you have joined over the past year.

Cost is yet to be finalised but will be no more that £10

Everyone who would like to come,  please let Judy know by June 2nd at the latest



Monday 25th June   12.30

Open Air Showing of “Casablanca” on Brighton Beach

This year there is open air cinema in Brighton on the beach near the Volks Railway.  We are going to go to the 2 pm performance of the classic film Casablanca on Monday, 25th June.

We will meet at the pier at 12.30, leaving  at 12.45 to walk to the venue – the doors open at 1 pm.  Film length is about 2 hours.  NB No refunds are available in the event of bad weather – we will just have to put our waterpoofs on!!

NB no food or drink to be taken in – searches will be undertaken at the door – there will be refreshments available at the venue

Tickets are £12.50 each which includes a deck chair.

Please register and pay Princess Jenny by 6th May – cheques payable to Blueberry Muffins – if you would like to go.


Cocktails and Fun at The Rocking Horse

Thursday 28th June 6.00 pm


Join your Blueberry Muffins friends for an evening of hedonism! Enjoy a glass of Prosecco and then learn how to make some delicious cocktails. This is a repeat of a very successful evening two years’ ago.

The  cost is £19.50 which includes the Prosecco, 3 cocktails and the tuition. Deposit of E5 payable to Queen Judy on booking.

Those who wish to do so can then come along to Guiseppe’s for a meal



Tuesday 13th November 10.30 am – 2.00 pm


This is the one event of the year when all our members are expected to come along. If you can’t then please let Queen Judy know as soon as possible. Otherwise – please save the date now!


Blueberry Muffins Christmas  Party

Arun View Friday 30th November 7.00 for 7.30 pm


 Prices to be confirmed in few months but expected to be around £22 for 2 courses or £26.50 for three courses


Events in May and June


Saturday 5th May – Coffee at Denton Lounge

Thursday 10th May - Knit and Natter

Sunday 20th May – Sunday Lunch Club

Tuesday 29th May – Visit to Kipling Gardens

Saturday 2nd June – Coffee at Denton Lounge

Thursday 14th June – visit to Christ’s Hospital School

Saturday 23rd June – Strawberry Guzzle

Monday 25th June – “Casablanca”

Thursday 28th June – Cocktails at The Rocking Horse




You are reminded that it is your own decision to take part in these events and you do so at your own risk. 


If you offer someone a lift, and especially if you take payment for it, you are advised to check your motor insurance policy beforehand.


Blueberry Muffins’ real names, phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses will never be published on our website, but members’ Red Hat Society titles and photographs will be featured.  Anyone unhappy about being part of a group photo appearing on our website should notify Queen Judy or Queen Jenny