May 2021

Blueberry Muffins Newsletter

May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive. Fennel Hudson

Saturday 1st May – 09:00 am Coffee morning at Haskins

At last – a chance to get together in person for a coffee and a piece of cake!  Haskins have expanded their outside sitting area so we should be able to sit in groups of six quite comfortably. Meet in the outside seating area.


Friday 7th May  6:30 pm – Tipples & Nibbles

Our tippling and nibbling has now reached countries beginning with O and P – Plenty of possibilities for the ingenious Blueberry Muffin mind!


Monday 17th May – 2:30 pm – Zoom Bookends

What book are you enjoying (or perhaps not so much enjoying?) at the moment. Please share your thoughts with the rest of the group and maybe get some ideas for your next read.


Friday 21st May – 6:30 pm Tipple & Nibbles

Another opportunity to get together and talk about what we are drinking and nibbling. This time, the theme will be drinks from countries beginning with Q  R and S.  What will we come up with this time?


Saturday 22nd May – CluedUpp Murder Mystery 10:30 am

Can we solve the mystery clues and find who is the dreaded

‘Worthing Ripper’? We have already taken names for this event but, if you haven’t registered and would like to do so, please contact Queen Jenny as soon as possible


Sunday 23rd May – Sunday Lunch Club at Brios

Our first lunch club opportunity for many months! Please contact Queen Jenny if you would like to be there. Numbers are limited so don’t delay!

Friday 25th June – Strawberry Guzzle – Save the Date

Afternoon tea in style in the beautiful garden of the Duchess Georgiana. Full details to follow but meanwhile save the date


And don’t forget our ongoing online chats with WhatsApp:

·        BM What’s Cooking A challenge for our Blueberry Muffin cooks each week. Let your imagination loose!




Events for May and June

·         Saturday 1 May – Haskins Coffee Morning

·         Friday 7th May – Tipples & Nibbles

·         Monday 17th May – Bookends

·         Friday 21st May – Tipples & Nibbles

·         Saturday 22nd May – CluedUpp

·         Sunday 23rd May – Sunday Lunch Club

·         Saturday 5th June – Haskins Coffee Morning

·         Sunday 20th June – Sunday Lunch Club

·         Friday 25th June – Strawberry Guzzle