Blueberry Muffins

February 2019


There is always in February some one day, at least, when one smells the yet distant, but surely coming, summer.

Gertrude Jekyll


Saturday 2nd February

Denton Lounge 10 am

We will meet as usual at the Denton Lounge this month but, as everyone very much enjoyed meeting at Munch in January, the plan now is to meet at the Denton on the ‘even’ months and at Munch on the ‘odd’ months. We hope everyone will be happy with this arrangement


Sunday Lunch Club

Sunday 17th February 1:00 pm


Sunday Lunch Club is making a return visit to this great restaurant in New Street Worthing. As well as their varied and delicious a la carte selections, they offer Sunday roasts including vegetarian, with all the trimmings at the very reasonable price of £12.95. Please telephone Gillian, the Lady Chatterley if you would like her to book you in.


A word about bills for the lunch club: recently several ladies have paid their part of the communal bills separately and at different times. This makes it very difficult indeed for those ‘left behind’ to sort out the communal bill and work out which

items have and have not yet been settled. This is not fair and spoils our enjoyment of the event

From now on we must ask that no one pays until the whole amount is being paid.  If anyone needs to pay their allocated share by card that is, of course, fine but it must be as part of the communal payment and not as a separate transaction. If you might need to leave early, please beg, borrow or ATM some cash and leave it ‘on the table’

If you come to the lunch club we will assume your agreement to this procedure Thank you


Sing-a-long: A Grease Evening

Thursday 7th February 7:15 pm


A chance to exercise your vocal chords, to enjoy a glass or two of wine plus a delicious hamburger and all the trimmings (veggy version also available). Cost is £10 per head payable on the evening

We will have lots of fun whilst watching this iconic film from 1978. Dancing and “Grease” style outfits also welcome! Please

contact Jessica, Princess of Pebbly Beach as soon as possible if you would like to come but have not already booked.


Knit & Natter

Tuesday 19th February at 2.30

At this month’s Knit & Natter you will be able to enjoy the hospitality of Queen (Jenny) Genevive! Cost as usual is £2 per head to include your tea and biscuits. Please let her know if you would like to come so she has an idea of numbers


*New Event*

Pudding Evening!

Thursday 7th March

Lady Penelope (Penny) has kindly offered to provide us with a delicious ‘pudding evening’ at her house. Full details to follow but meanwhile, please save the date!


*New Event*

Shakespeare Sonnet Walk

Saturday April 20th

This year’s Shakespeare Sonnet Walk from Westminster to The Globe Theatre will be held on Saturday April 20th. 

If you have never been on one of these walks before, they are great fun.  Participants carry a long stemmed rose as identification and at certain points along the way you are accosted by, often strange, people, who will quote sonnets or other pieces of Shakespeare’s writings to you.  The walk takes a couple of hours at a leisurely pace.  The tickets are in great demand and they go on sale to the public on February 4th.  If anyone is interested in this outing, please contact Angie, the Lady Cucina and let her have your name and money by that date The cost is £23 per person. 

Events in February and March


Saturday 2nd February – coffee at Dentons

Thursday 7th February Sing-a-long Grease Evening

Sunday 17th February – Sunday Lunch at Food

Tuesday 19th February – Knit & Natter

Saturday 2nd March – coffee at Munch

Thursday 7th March – Pudding Evening




You are reminded that it is your own decision to take part in these events and you do so at your own risk. 


If you offer someone a lift, and especially if you take payment for it, you are advised to check your motor insurance policy beforehand.


Blueberry Muffins’ real names, phone numbers, home addresses and email addresses will never be published on our website, but members’ Red Hat Society titles and photographs will be featured.  Anyone unhappy about being part of a group photo appearing on our website should notify Queen Judy or Queen Jenny